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Why going digital makes the supply chain greener and more cost-efficient


The environment is an important factor in the logistics industry. That’s because the industry moves goods, and these movements result in a steadily growing volume of cargo traffic.

In response, manufacturers and retailers are insisting that their transport and logistics service providers adopt smart supply strategies that are verifiably greener.

The digital revolution – with the unprecedented visibility it brings to supply chain movements – offers entirely new possibilities for putting green logistics strategies into practice. Predictive planning, optimal utilization of capacities, intermodal integration of cargo: Never has it been so easy to tap into the inherent potential.

The new Green Paper from AXIT provides the latest insights into key issues of green logistics in the digital age. It highlights areas of improvement and solutions that point the way forward, for your customers and your own company, in the control of supply chain management processes.

AX4 – the cloud-based IT platform for managing logistical processes that’s at the very heart of the digital cost-cutting and energy-saving program – helps you optimize SCM processes to lighten your environmental impact while saving you money and valuable resources. In a nutshell: Everything is greener with AX4.

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